• Design, development of design documentation "from scratch" to the launch of commercial equipment, metal structures in SolidWorks.
  • Development of 3D models of structures. Providing technical preparation for production (cutting and unfolding cards of sheet materials).
  • Support of the project in production.


  • Knowledge of design software for 3D design SolidWorks!
  • Experience in the development of metal structures, furniture or commercial equipment is desirable!
  • Knowledge of 1C: Enterprise, Corel Draw is encouraged.
  • Knowledge of the basic properties of raw materials and materials (solid wood, MDF, chipboard, fiberboard, glass, metal, plastic).
  • Responsible approach and punctuality, high-quality results, dedication, attentiveness, efficiency.
  • Willingness to provide samples of their design documentation, which goes into production.


A set of works for the manufacture of metal products:

  • preparation of metal for welding;
  • cleaning of metal products after welding;
  • polishing stainless steel and aluminum products;
  • edge processing;
  • processing under a polymer coating.